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   Jan Hanekom, SS (SA)/TRP(SA), LSAISS/MSATRP BA (H.O.D.), HONS, B (TRP)

Jan started as a Town and Regional Planner in the office of the Prime Minister (P.W. Botha) in Pretoria during 1981-1984. During this period he was involved in the compilation of Socio-Economic regional studies for the Karoo, Orange Free State Goldfields, as well as numerous Structure Plans and Guide Plans. During 1984-1985 he also had a brief spell with the Pretoria Municipality before he was appointed as Chief Director of Planning with the Paarl Divisional Council (later Western Cape Regional Services Council). It was during this period when all the planning principles and aspects for stimulating economic growth, experienced athis previous positions, were applied to excel in the planning environment. During this period he was a member of the Metropolitan Transport Advisory Board, (MTAB) and other statutory bodies where he played a significant role innatural environment. In 1989 he established Jan Hanekom Partnership in Paarl and since built it to a respected and reputable firm.

   Robin Barnes, ARG (SA) ARCH (SA), LIA.MIA B.BLDG. A, B.Arg.

Robin is a product of Wynberg Boys high school in Cape Town. After studying art at Ruth Prowse School he successfully attained his post graduate degree in Architecture at the university of Port Elizabeth. During his national service, Robin gained experience as an Architect in the Architectural Head Offices of the South African Defense Force, Pretoria. It was during a spell with Wessels Albertyne and du Toit Architects in Paarl, that Robin enhanced his passion and interest in Cape Architecture, the design of wine cellars and resort related architecture. In 1992 Robin joined the firm and added the architectural component to what was essentially a Town and Regional Planning firm. Robin became a partner in 1995, and since then, the architectural element has grown substantially, boasting commissions from afar afield as Namibia, Gauteng, Southern Coast, Port Elizabeth, Natal and Tanzania.

   Dirk Cilliers, ARG (SA) ARCH (SA), LIA.MIA , B.Arg.

Dirk was a bursary student of one of the largest architectural companies in the country. He completed his Architectural degree in 1993, and has worked on numerous projects ranging from Shopping Centres, an Eye Hospital to Office Parks. After consulting for Jan Hanekom Partnership he joined the company in August 2000.

    JHP's appointments fully comply with the National Affirmative Procurement Policy. 50% of employees at JHP are PDI's. A testimony to this is the support this firm enjoyed from local and National Governments and is reflected in the number of projects successfully completed the past few years.

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